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We engineer and manufacture research and laboratory equipment as well as workflow automation equipment for implementing automated workflows in pharmaceutical and chemical research departments. LRP has designed many innovative products for its customers, easy to be implemented into their current workflow scheme. Once integrated into the daily research process return of investments (ROI) for the new innovative products as low as three months have been achieved.

In today's product design cycle, time to market and cost of design have become crucial factors for a successful new pharmaceutical or chemical products. Therefore, the today's goals for the design of new products are short time to market and reduced costs. Smart product design and automated workflow implementation into the design process of new pharmaceutical or chemical products are the only methods achieving these goals. The automated workflow implementation allows to perform mainly routine work in the laboratory in a parallel and optimized manner so more results get generated with the same analytical equipment and within the same time span. Furthermore, costs get reduced significantly by lowering the process time for each workflow.

LRP will help you with these new challenges. Contact us and we will analyze your potential for workflow automation as well as suggest well adapted solutions for you in order to achieve your goals.

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